SonicCore soundcards are the “heart” of my home recording studio (www.sonic-core.com) thanks to them I have a real studio at my hands, based on shark DSP, which includes mixings, effects, synths, sampling and signal routings. Working with SonicCore cards is very simple  & efficient

SonicCore Power Pulsar Systems { CreamWare}

Luna Board 24Bit/96Hz conversion Unit

6string Guitar,

6string Bass,

Modular System,

B2003 Organ,

Eds Drums,

Sts 5000 Sampler & S|C Sample CD Snare Drum.

Many Sequencers On Board & Only Use Cubase sx.

Mixing On S|C Scope PlatForm.

Monitors: Alesis.mk2 /mackie 824.mk2

Mic’s: AKG C3000b /C.414

Studio located At Amsterdam.